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Jan 13th 2021

Toyota: Reforming Our Company to Become a “Mobility Company”

Toyota’s growth to date is within the established business model of the automotive industry. In light of technological innovations in “CASE,”* the very concept of the automobile is on the verge of major change. Given this situation, we must transform our business model into one that is in line with the CASE era.… Read more

Jul 27th 2020

Trevelyan’s Big Little Wins

Trevelyan’s, one of New Zealand’s leading Kiwifruit packhouse, cool storage facility and orchard management services provider, believes the challenges of labour shortages, infrastructure costs, climate change, and more. present the perfect opportunity to reflect and continuously grow as a company. Read more.… Read more

Apr 21st 2020
Apr 20th 2020

Covid-19: What work practices we can learn for later?

EI Faculty Member Steve Bell sent me a photo taken at a Trader Joe’s store in Oregon. With eyes for lean thinking and practice, he made several observations of how they’re operating as an essential business during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In the photo, workers are shown outside the store sanitizing shopping carts between users.Read more

Apr 20th 2020
Feb 16th 2015

A3 Problem solving tool

A3 is a simple standardised problem solving tool.  It is a simple visual tool that encourages clear articulation of the problem, the goals, root cause analysis and action plans in a format that triggers conversation and learning. For more about this lean tool and for examples, read more…Read more