Blog Articles for December 2014

Dec 29th 2014
Dec 22nd 2014

Does your office work flow?

Can you recognise ‘muda’ (waste or non-value added work), ‘mura’ (unevenness) and ‘muri’ (overburden) in your day to day work? Does your office work “flow” or do you indulge in “batching?”  How much of your work is “value” added? If you want lean tips for your office work, read more …Read more

Dec 15th 2014
Dec 8th 2014
Dec 1st 2014

Benefits of standardising procedures

Organisations can make huge cost savings and make customers happy if their processes are appropriately tailored to the task at hand and handling the task in the same “best” way every time. Much of management of operations is about standardisation. If in one small hospital physicians can standardise their operating procedures and make significant cost savings, what stops you doing in your organisation?Read more