Blog Articles for August 2015

Aug 31st 2015
Aug 24th 2015

Common mistakes in lean management

This articles identifies ten common mistakes in managing lean: (1) Stop and go, (2) waiting for subject matter expert, (3) keep changing the team, (4) Too many cooks, (5) Overlapping projects, (6) Delaying decisions, (7) Unclear vision, (8) confusing redesign and transformation, (9) No facilitation and (10) No clear linkage to strategy.… Read more

Aug 17th 2015

Lean in BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)

It is difficult to think how lean can be applied in broadcasting.  This is precisely what BBC has done. They implemented pilot lean projects and made improvements to communication routines, redesigned the logistics and support processes resulting in less rehearsal time and more time to create content.… Read more

Aug 10th 2015
Aug 3rd 2015