Blog Articles for June 2015

Jun 29th 2015
Jun 22nd 2015

Lean StartUp

According Sam McAfee Lean StartUp is the most revolutionary idea since SMED! Lean StartUp methods use lean principles to bring products and services to customers quickly, cheaply, effectively with relatively more certainty. Even established companies like General Electric, Intuit, and PayPal are using Lean Startup thinking.… Read more

Jun 15th 2015

Engaging people

Lisa Yerian, MD and Director, Continuous Improvement of an US medical Centre, applied lean principles to improve workflow during the design phase of the their Centre’s new pathology lab. See our last week’s blog. With this experience, in this article, she discusses engaging people, doctors and senior leaders, healthcare reform’s impact, where to start a lean transformation, why she took on responsibility for continuous improvement, and much more.… Read more

Jun 8th 2015
Jun 1st 2015