Now in its 14th year, the Lean Japan Tour includes six intensive days of training, company tours, senior management discussions and Japanese cultural experiences.

Lean Japan Tour

Experience first-hand the foundations of Lean Thinking and its successful application across a range of industries. Understand how to build on your existing knowledge and take your organisation to the next level of achievement. Whether you are new to the concept of Lean, or searching for deeper knowledge and understanding you will be inspired and energized by seeing how Lean can be successfully implemented and sustained to transform your business.

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Visit Japan’s Best Companies

The Lean Japan Tour allows you to experience an extensive network of world-leading Japanese Lean companies across a range of industries. Our tours have visited companies such as: Toyota, Rinnai Corporation, Panasonic, Kikkoman, Metal One and Kirin Brewery. See our brochure for more information or to register.

Our History

The Lean Japan Tour is run by Shinka Management and supported by the Australian Industry Group and Simply Lean Business Solutions. Since the first tour in 2007, the Lean Japan Tour has been attended by senior management and Lean leaders from across the English-speaking world.

Tour Highlights

  • A full week of factory visits
  • Discussions with Senior Management about their experiences
  • Training within a Toyota Group Lean training facility
  • Experience Lean implementation, Kaizen and Kaikaku philosophies
  • Move beyond theory and experience Lean manufacturing in action
  • Broaden your thinking and build your knowledge of Lean management principles
  • Superb professional development opportunity
  • Share other participants’ Lean experiences
  • Unique cultural experience
  • First class accommodation and meals
  • Cultural guidance
  • Interpretation service for factory tours


How do I Register?

Places are limited so move quickly as registrations are accepted on a first-come first-served basis.
Download the Lean Japan Tour brochure and complete your registration or contact Simply Lean Business Solutions for further information.

2020 Fee: US$6750 (Does not include airfare and travel insurance, but does include all accommodation, meals, training, domestic transfers and cultural experiences whilst on tour). Download the Lean Japan Tour brochure

Japanese Cultural Experience

Immerse yourself in an exhilarating mix of cultural and sightseeing experiences. Our itinerary allows you plenty of time to take in Japan’s unique culture, it’s amazing cuisine and explore some of its astounding urban landscapes.
Day One of our tour typically includes a session on Japan business etiquette and culture to ensure you make the most of your week interacting with local industry leaders and experiencing this truly wonderful country.

Factory Tours

Shinka Management has an extensive network of world-leading Japanese lean companies. Our tours have visited Lean companies in a range of industries for factory tours and discussions with senior management.

toyota Renown for the Toyota Production System (TPS), a plant tour of a Toyota factory is included in most of our tours giving an insight into their management and improvement practices that have made them so successful. RinnaiRinnai is highly motivated by quality, not just of their products but the environment they create for their employees. Their highly visual and stunningly clean work areas are a credit to their relentless drive for perfection in all aspects of their operation.
As Gifupart of the the Toyota Group, Gifu Auto Body is one of eight factories supplying finished vehicles. Ranked highly for their quality they produce the Hi-Ace. panasonic Panasonic is one of Japan’s largest electronics producer and our factory visits provide an excellent example of lean manufacturing in this industry. The company has its head office in Osaka.
kewpie Approximately 230,000 tons of eggs laid in Japan are made into various products made by Kewpie. sckisui Sekisui Heim is famous for its innovative use of reusable structural units for house construction, radically reducing construction time and waste.
chuoSupplying the automobile and electric industries with cast iron and aluminium components, Chuo Malleable Iron’s major trading partners include Toyota, Denso, Daihatsu and Bridgestone. kirin As a member of the Mitsubishi conglomerate and 100% shareholder of Lion Nathan limited Kirin produces Kirin Lager and Ichiban Shibori, two of Japan’s most popular beers, and other a range of other beverages.


Testimonials from participants

Wineworks Marlborough

Personally and professionally I found the week extraordinarily rewarding – not only as a fantastic Lean Japan Tour but as a cultural experience not to be missed.
The systems, machinery, processes and people in Japanese businesses are something to be admired. The passion for Lean shown by every staff member was evident and the dedication shown at all levels of management was significant. The Lean is at such a high level at some of the sites visited that you realize how many more opportunities there are at your own site. Even if the factories are unrelated to your own industry, the message is more about the process and disciplines used to get the business to the current state. Small steps to achieve the ultimate goal, remembering that each one of these businesses started off somewhere and the origin of TPS was born out of a “need” for business continuity.
I have emerged with a new passion and enthusiasm for Lean manufacturing. If you have the opportunity for this fantastic tour, you will not regret it, it is an investment in you and your company’s future.
Andrew Marshall, Production Manager

Calder Stewart Industries

I highly recommend the Lean Japan Tour – it provided a very good insight, was well organised and lead by guys who are clearly very passionate for Lean and Japan.

Donald Stewart, Managing Director

ETEL Transformers

The fact that you can go past all the books and see first hand TPS in action is fantastic. It is not sold in a complicated form by those involved but rather the opposite. The training room at Gifu Auto Body was found to be hands on and simple allowing staff to touch and feel examples of good practice.
I am looking forward to sharing my time with people through the feedback sessions planned.

Stuart Cumming, Continuous Improvement Manager

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