Blog Articles for January 2015

Jan 26th 2015

Hiring: Lessons from Toyota

What competencies do you look for when hiring employees? According to Tracey Richardson, who joined Toyota 28 years ago, Toyota looks for Listening skills, problems solving skills, Team work, Initiative and leadership. Read more…Read more

Jan 19th 2015
Jan 12th 2015

Effective Communication

How are your communication skills? Are you good at it? If you are not, you are likely to be causing conflicts and you are unlikely to be good leader. If you want to know the secret of good communication, read more…Read more

Jan 5th 2015

What is Lean?

What exactly is lean? Is it simply about the 7 wastes? Or is it about flow? Or is it defining value from the perspective of your customer? If you want to understand what it is and even join the discussion, do read more…Read more