News Articles for the Lean Thinking Category

Jul 27th 2020

Trevelyan’s Big Little Wins

Trevelyan’s, one of New Zealand’s leading Kiwifruit packhouse, cool storage facility and orchard management services provider, believes the challenges of labour shortages, infrastructure costs, climate change, and more. present the perfect opportunity to reflect and continuously grow as a company. Read more.… Read more

Jun 13th 2016

Capacity or flow problem?

When organisations are unable to get through what they want, they tend to add additional resources (machines, people, space, etc.) hoping to improve throughput.  This approach may work, but it definitely increases cost per unit and increases organisational complexity.  The problem may well be due to lack of flow.   … Read more

Jun 6th 2016
May 30th 2016

Lean in Meat Industry

The scope to improve productivity and reduce costs in meat processing industries is huge. British based Food Chain Centre undertook a pilot study to examine the potential and the likely benefits of implementing lean.  If you are working in meat industry and wanting to know how to implement lean, this is must read report.… Read more

May 9th 2016
May 2nd 2016

Value Stream Mapping for New Product Development

Value stream mapping (VSM) is a lean-management method for analysing series of activities typically starting from customer order to customer delivery. It’s use is extensive for manufacturing, but not so for New Product Development (NPD). But its benefit is likely to be even more for NPD than for manufacturing as identifying ‘waste’ is more difficult in NPD processes.… Read more