Blog Articles for December 2015

Dec 28th 2015

Answers to burning questions on lean

How can one draw a value stream map for a situation where hundreds parts go through different sequence of machines with different processing times and with a batch size of close to one? What do you think of lean and green thinking?… Read more

Dec 21st 2015

Five reasons to engage in daily improvement

In this lean post Mike Orzen provides five reasons why you should engage in improvement activities for at least 15 minutes daily: (1) work processes are either getting better or worse; (2) unplanned work keeps us from improving; (3) small improvements add up to big improvements; (4) there is tremendous influence in making things visible to our peers; and (5) to change behaviour you need a routine. … Read more

Dec 14th 2015

Gemba Walks

You are a manager and you want to improve your productivity in your department / company.  Correct? If so, did you do Gemba walks yesterday (or your last working day), even for 10 minutes? Most likely no. At least my experience is that many managers spend most of their time in their offices; they hardly go to the shop floor / work area of employees. … Read more

Dec 7th 2015