About Us


Established in 2001, Simply Lean Business Solutions are pioneers of Lean Thinking within New Zealand. Using our unique approach to applying the principles of Lean Thinking, our Lean Consultants have taken more than 100 organisations throughout New Zealand and Australia on a journey of self-development. These organisations continue to develop their Business Capability and Performance. Our highly experienced team have previously held Senior Management roles within Toyota, Hamilton Jet, Electrolux, Macpac, Rolls Royce, and Delphi Automotive. We bring this wealth of knowledge and experience to help you achieve Operational Excellence using an application of Lean Thinking unique to your business and designed specifically with your success in mind.

Strategic Goals

Using Lean Thinking, our continuous improvement strategies are designed to:

  • Develop your business’ capability to continually adapt and improve
  • Increase your business’ capacity for growth
  • Build your productivity with a focus on both business and people development
  • Create better value for you as our customer
  • Show you how to create better value for your customers
  • Retain local manufacturing activities where possible and support local communities

Broad Experience

The combination of our Lean Consultant’s professional background, our core understanding of Lean Thinking and more than 100 implementations for clients across diverse business sectors provides credible evidence of what we are able to bring to your organisation.


Whilst we are a Canterbury based company, we have Lean Consultants located in Auckland, Blenheim and Christchurch. Our clients are spread throughout New Zealand and Australia and their geographical location is no barrier to our desire to see them succeed.


We know that protecting your intellectual property is vital. We are committed to ensuring this information remains strictly confidential and we will never disclose it to a third party without your expressed permission. We understand that your competitive advantage is heavily reliant on the unique services and products that you provide. Information specific to your products, services and operating procedures will not be disclosed in any form unless authorised by you.