Blog Articles for March 2015

Mar 30th 2015

What Value stream mapping is – and is not!

Is ‘value-stream map’ (VSM) same as ‘flow diagram’? Is VSM or ‘takt time’ or ‘lean flow’ applicable to only highly repetitive, high volume and low variety manufacturing situations? Are these tools for staffing determinations? Lean Guru, John Shook, answers these questions in this very informative article.… Read more

Mar 23rd 2015
Mar 16th 2015
Mar 9th 2015
Mar 2nd 2015

Visual Management and the Bottom Line

What is visual management?  Which specific areas of an organisation can one implement? How is this going to be beneficial to organisations? Is it possible to measure the savings due to visual management? If you want to know lean expert’s response to these questions, read more…Read more