Our Lean Implementation Approach

There are a number of ways to approach the adoption of Lean Thinking practices. Our careful evaluation of these approaches has led us to develop what we believe is the best – an approach that ensures your organisation and its people develop both processes and skills in parallel. The success of overlaying these within your operational and cultural needs comes only with the experience we can bring to you. We customise our programmes to suit you ensuring we deliver what we say using a structured yet flexible Lean Implementation approach that transforms your business.

5 Deliverables – what we will do for you!

  • By equipping you with the right tools and coaching, we help you create an engaging and results-oriented learning environment that achieves continued cultural, financial and organisational benefits.

  • Deliver to you the latest developments in Lean Thinking via our team of experienced consultants. Our experts possess a comprehensive knowledge of business and Lean Thinking and know how to meld the two within varying types of organisations, working with many different cultures and levels of understanding.

  • Work alongside you to develop an implementation plan unique to your business culture and to the needs of your organisation, thereby setting you on the pathway towards success.

  • Provide a comprehensive proposal detailing how we intend to build this pathway with you, beginning with analysing your business activities and ultimately delivering solutions to meet your goals.

  • Ensure that your organisation grows along with its people to firmly establish your Sustainable Lean Programme. We do this through our unique coaching and mentoring programme that embeds knowledge and its application within your organisation by ensuring the direct involvement of staff across the organisation.

5 Step Approach – how we will do it!

  • Scoping: We offer a free initial scoping visit to gain an understanding of your goals and challenges. This will help determine how we can work together to overcome your challenges in order to meet your goals. In other words, our initial meeting will help to recognise the opportunities to improve your operation and guide Simply Lean towards tailoring a unique and sustainable programme that maps the pathway to realise your goals.

  • Preparation: Once we are engaged, we help prepare you for your Lean Programme to ensure that your organisation is ready for this important element in your development strategy. Good preparation leads to good execution.

  • Delivery: Simply Lean will tailor and deliver a programme meeting your operational requirements and the natural culture of your organisation. The desired result is one where your team learns new skills, your processes develop, your KPIs trend appropriately and your Continuous Improvement Culture develops.

  • Implementation: From the initial business analysis we undertake, the training of your team, the hands-on application and mentoring through to the celebrations of success, Simply Lean are there with you to show you how to apply these principles.

  • Mentoring and Coaching: Periodic mentoring and coaching ensure that you are not left alone to learn these new skills. Our visits monitor your progress, keep track of your KPIs and keep you along the pathway to realising your goals.