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Apr 4th 2016
Mar 21st 2016

Managing multiple projects

Which is best? Managing one project at a time or do all at once? The experts always advise you that one should prioritise projects and work on one at a time. But this is not practical. Almost all of us work simultaneously on several projects.… Read more

Mar 7th 2016

Agile Business

Agile focusses on rapid response to situations where customer needs are ever changing and order cycle is short. The enabling factors to become an agile manufacturer are: modular design, information technology, corporate partners and knowledge culture. Agile manufacturing is seen as the next step to lean.… Read more

Feb 1st 2016

Will the Chinese factories perform well in Western countries?

In this The New Yorker article, Jeffrey Rothfeder (author of Driving Honda: Inside the World’s Most Innovative Car Company), argues that “no Western manufacturer can hope to compete on a global stage without adopting some version of lean production.” But unfortunately, Chinese management rarely encourage worker empowerment and innovation which are the core elements of lean.… Read more

Jan 18th 2016

Whose fault is it?

If you stand for 30 minutes in the queue for coffee, expecting to be in the queue only for five minutes, whose fault is it? Barista’s fault? System fault?  Or Management fault? Read more…Read more

Nov 23rd 2015

Obeya, a Lean thinking tool

According to Wikipedia, Obeya or Oobeya (from Japanese “large room” or “war room”) refers to a form of project management used in many organisations (including Toyota) and is a component of lean manufacturing and in particular the Toyota Production System. You will find this presentation at Lean IT Summit 2014 on how extensively Obeya is being used at the multinational Nike interesting.… Read more