Past Events

31 Aug - Sep 1

Lean Masterclass with Japanese Toyota Sensei

Join us in this remarkable opportunity to learn from a Toyota factory Manager and Kaizen Leader on August 31st and September 1st. This two-day Masterclass will provide insights and examples used directly within Toyota, and include a site visit through Dairy Technology Services. Hyodo Sensei explains Lean in a way that is profoundly easy to understand and simplifies the approach to Lean Thinking and Continuous Improvement across industry. .. Read more

  • Price: $1295 +GST
  • Location: TSB Hub Camberwell Road, Hāwera, New Zealand,
8 Mar - Nov 14

2020 Lean Japan Tours

Now in its 14th year, the Lean Japan Tour includes six intensive days of training, company tours, senior management discussions and Japanese cultural experiences. .. Read more

22 Sep - Sep 28

2019 Kyushu Alumni Tour

We have planned the Alumni Tour to coincide with the first week of the Rugby World Cup for those who want to extend their stay in Japan to attend any matches... Read more

4 Jul

Lean Foundation Series: Leadership Module 3: Leader Standarised Work and Gemba Walks

Leadership Module 3 - Leader Standardised Work and Gemba Walks Essential to Lean Leadership is the structured approach to enable Leaders to understand and manage their environment. Without structure fire fighting becomes the norm and Continuous Improvement efforts fail. This workshop provides the tools to unlock this structure and the activities Lean Leaders practice at the Gemba... Read more

  • Price: $316.25 +GST
  • Location: 236 Hereford Street, Christchurch, New Zealand,
4 Jul

Lean Foundation Series: Application Module 3: Structured Problem Solving

Application Module 3 - Structured Problem Solving Developing problem solving skills is an essential element in advancing as organisation and reducing costs. Often these skills are missing and problems continue to surface – many repetitively. This is because the actual Root Cause has not been found and therefore the countermeasures or fixes for the problem will only be effective temporarily... Read more

  • Price: $316.25 +GST
  • Location: 236 Hereford Street, Christchurch, New Zealand,