4 Jul 2017

Lean Foundation Series: Leadership Module 3: Leader Standarised Work and Gemba Walks

Leader Standardised Work and Gemba Walks


Leader Standardised Work is a key part of a Lean Leaders daily management activities. It effectively brings structure to these activities and provides for an environment where responsibility and accountability are fundamental to the success of a Lean Programme. Practicing Leader Standardised Work brings clarity and understanding to what is happening in the processes the leader is responsible for and brings structure and purpose to their Gemba Walks.

 The topics to be covered:

  • The philosophy behind structured activities for leaders
  • A practical insight into how to create Leader Standard Work
  • The importance and use of Visual Controls
  • How to undertake an effective Gemba Walk
  • How to use your Gemba Walk as a teaching opportunity


In this workshop participants will:

  • Build their knowledge about bringing structure and accountability to their day
  • Create a Leader Standardised Work example
  • Learn how to use Visual Controls during a Gemba Walk to understand the current condition
  • Learn the language and behaviours of Leaders undertaking Gemba Walks.

 Who should attend:

This workshop is aimed at CEO’s, business owners, managers and supervisors wishing to advance their Gemba Walking skills.


This workshop is registered under the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme.

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