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26th Feb 2016

2016 Lean Masterclass


Lean programmes rewarded with effort

DSC_4679Firms throughout New Zealand continue to seek efficiency improvements through Lean Thinking, but studies have shown that many such efforts will fall short.

That failure will have nothing to do with the validity of Lean Thinking as a concept.… Read more

29th Sep 2015

Christchurch B2B Lean Network


The new Christchurch B2B Lean Network has held its first events recently with hosts Dynamic Controls and GTech New Zealand. The objective for Christchurch’s Lean Network is to showcase the great work that is being accomplished by organisations and build stronger links between them outside the regular events as this will lead to greater opportunities for companies to learn from each other.… Read more

26th Jun 2015
29th May 2015
18th May 2015

Let the Tour begin

Participants from New Zealand, Australia and Europe have now arrived in Tokyo for the Lean Tour of Japan.

Today has been a little acclimatization to Japanese culture, and a visit to Ginza and the Imperial Palace. Tonight we officially commenced the tour with formal introductions, lessons in Japanese etiquette, and our welcome dinner at a small local restaurant.… Read more

13th May 2015

Only produce what you need

To be great in business, only produce what you need and stop if there is a problem, says one of the world’s leading trainers of lean management, Akinori Hyodo, President of one of Toyota’s Training facilities in Japan.

He recently presented a two-day Lean Masterclass in Auckland sharing the philosophies and tools of lean management, based on the Toyota Production System – long recognised as one of the most efficient and productive management systems on earth.… Read more