Shinka Management

Shinka Management builds on a 24-year track record of helping Australian industry increase productivity through Japanese Lean management practices. Shinka Management provides Lean manufacturing consulting services, Lean training and Japan industry study tours through its Australia-based Lean manufacturing consultants and an international network of Lean specialists.

Shinka Management and Simply Lean Business Solutions partner together to provide activities designed to provide consistent and effective application of Lean principles across Australian and New Zealand industry. Simply Lean co-hosts the Australian Industry Group Lean Japan Tour.


Ibis Business Intelligence Solutions

Ibis are providers of the Ostendo integrated ERP system and Business Intelligence tools to support Continuous Improvement. We recognise the importance of leading Continuous Improvement with sound business processes, which is why we endorse and advocate Lean practices and methodologies.

We only regard our ERP and Business Intelligence systems as solutions if they empower our clients with the visibility and information to improve their business performance.

We have partnered with Simply Lean Business Solutions because they are knowledgeable and experienced Lean consultants with a proven track record of success. We will work with Simply Lean Business Solutions to implement our systems to support the Lean implementation.

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Global Tactics & Strategies

Global Tactics and Strategies Ltd is a management and advisory consultancy company, established in 2003. We have a commercial focus on international market development, strategic pricing, and the commercialisation of new products and technologies. The GTS approach is both strategic and tactical. While a clear strategy is very important, so too is ‘getting some runs on the board’ and the successful implementation of appropriate tactics is critical to success.

GTS principal, Alistair Coleman, has considerable senior management experience in export focused organisations, having held Chief Executive or General Manager roles since the late 1980s. This broad background brings both experience and a clear understanding of the complexities of global business. Accordingly our approach to projects and market initiatives is strategic and balanced, taking into consideration overall organisational objectives.

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WorkFlow logo

Workflow Limited

Nigel Piddington at Workflow specialises in the development and supply of cutting edge, automated machine and line monitoring systems that track live production performance for organisations in Australia and New Zealand. Understanding data, including Downtime Losses, Changeovers, OEE and more in real-time provides the greatest opportunity to improve productivity, quality and delivery and ultimately reduce costs. 

Visual factory floor LED displays communicate real-time data to the Team operating the process, and act as ANDON displays, providing Management with the missing link to all live and historical data and reports via a web interface.

With over 60 companies now using these products, Workflow is the leading supplier of visual, real time productivity appliances in Australia and New Zealand.

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Juanita Wilson_CLR

Next Step HR Solutions

Juanita Wilson of Next Step HR Solutions partners with Simply Lean Business Solutions to provide a range of Human Resource Services and Training to help people change behaviours, and organisations to strengthen their support mechanisms for enduring organisational development. 

With over 20 years experience in the human resources industry, which has included advisory, management and consulting roles with both national and international organisations, Juanita is passionate about helping people and organisations grow from good to great.

Services include:

  • HR Policy and Systems Development
  • Health and Safety Policy and Systems Development
  • One on One Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Teamwork
  • Workplace change
  • Managing Poor performance and Behaviour
  • Creating  Positive workplace Culture
  • Customer Service
  • Train the Trainer

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