Strategy Development for 2022 and Beyond

The events over the past couple of years have changed the world significantly and I don’t think anyone would have had this scenario in their sights.

2022 will again have a different landscape to last year and we must all look to secure our future in this new world that we live in.

How you approach this year and what actions you take will define your success over the coming years and whilst the immediate term is critical to many businesses you also need to take a long term view and put in the strategies that will take you forward.

Over the past 20 years Simply Lean have helped many companies develop a culture of Continuous Improvement, but in times of high pressure it is easy for things to slip, particularly in the crisis we have all experienced.

You need to break out of this state to meet the challenges of 2022 and beyond. Lean Thinking will undoubtedly help you and Simply Lean are here to help you achieve this.

You will need to focus on many fronts:

  • Are you meeting your Quality standards to maintain and build your customer base?
  • Can you meet your delivery dates consistently or do you have backorders?
  • How productive are your teams?
  • How do you make or do more with your current staffing levels
  • Are you reducing costs to achieve greater profits?
  • Are your staff coping with the changes that Covid has brought about?
  • Are you capitalizing on your team’s creativity and innovative thinking?

We have already seen with many of our clients how a relentless focus on Continuous Improvement has helped them through 2021 and are now well prepared for 2022.

So please contact us to discuss how we can best assist you in meeting your goals and objectives for 2022 and secure your future.

Funding is available for approved qualifying businesses so reach out to find out more.

Email us on or phone on 0274447383 to start the conversation on how we can tailor a programme for you.

Some of our key clients

calder g-tech-bellmor trevalyan nelson


GTech Bellmor

From the start of our Lean journey, we have worked closely with senior management and consultants from Simply Lean.

Originally, our decision to use Simply Lean as our Lean mentors was based on a raft of positive references from other businesses, and the perceived benefit of working with a local business. Simply Lean have demonstrated they are a world class authority on Lean, and we are convinced our early successes along the journey have been driven by the professional support and guidance they have offered our people, from day 1.

If continuous improvement and Lean concepts are on your business horizon, and they should be, talk to Simply Lean as early as possible – you’ll not regret it.

Geoff Carston
General Manager

Nelson Forests Limited

I engaged the services of Simply Lean Business Solutions to support the introduction of Lean Manufacturing Principles to Kaituna Sawmill, a Nelson Forests owned and operated company. Their on-going site visits and guidance of our ‘Lean Journey’ has resulted in rapid adoption of Lean Principles across business functions. Key to the success of our Lean Journey is the ability of Simply Lean Business Solutions to tune into the individual needs of our company and apply new and refresher training at the appropriate times.

Darrell O’Brien
Nelson Forests Management