Continuous Improvement for 2024 and Beyond

We are delighted to congratulate Portstar Plastics on their achievement in winning the Northland Excellence in Business Awards in the Large Business category for 2023.

Judges commented “Portstar Plastics Ltd is based in Ruawai, producing rotational moulding plastic parts for a range of industries including electrical, wastewater, agricultural, marine and retail. This family owned and operated business……….and impressed the judges with the level of staff involvement in the judging process as well as all levels of business operation. This dedicated team along with the adoption of LEAN processes has seen a dramatic increase in productivity in challenging times in the industry.”

We have been coaching Portstar in their Lean Implementation over the past 18 months and winning this award is a great endorsement for Lean Thinking and the difference it can make to any business.

2024 is just around the corner and whilst some of our thoughts may be a little pessimistic and cloud the way we think, how you prepare for 2024 will define your success over the coming years. Whilst the immediate term is critical to many businesses you also need to take a long term view and put the strategies in place that will take you forward beyond 2024.

We have a change in government, continued Global Financial pressures, with Costs prompting a high level of concern by businesses in the many recent surveys and commentary.

But now is not the time to batten down the hatches and hope for survival. I know a number of companies are having to let staff go which is undoubtably a consequence of the above challenges. However just releasing staff will not change the way you operate. It may provide some immediate financial relief but this will only be temporary. Now is the time to look at how to create success in this maelstrom of issues from a strategic and actionable point of view.

Don’t be one of the followers – be a leader in your business and secure your future. 

We have already seen in many of our clients how a relentless focus on Continuous Improvement has helped them through 2022 and 2023 and they are now well prepared for 2024.

In terms of changing the way you work I think the WHY is pretty obvious as it sits directly in front of us, which then turns our attention to the:

WHAT do we need to achieve”, and “HOW are we going to do this?”

Simply Lean can help you not only create the framework for these discussions, strategies and plans, but also the implementation of these using Lean Thinking as the platform to help you achieve long-term success.

Now is the time to invest with funding support that is available through various agencies like Callaghan Innovation and the Regional Business Partners.

So with that in mind I invite you to make contact with us so we can help you find these new pathways and develop new ideas on how to create the success you need.

Email us on or phone on 0274447383 to start the conversation on how we can tailor a programme for you.

Some of our key clients

calder g-tech-bellmor trevalyan nelson


GTech Bellmor

From the start of our Lean journey, we have worked closely with senior management and consultants from Simply Lean.

Originally, our decision to use Simply Lean as our Lean mentors was based on a raft of positive references from other businesses, and the perceived benefit of working with a local business. Simply Lean have demonstrated they are a world class authority on Lean, and we are convinced our early successes along the journey have been driven by the professional support and guidance they have offered our people, from day 1.

If continuous improvement and Lean concepts are on your business horizon, and they should be, talk to Simply Lean as early as possible – you’ll not regret it.

Geoff Carston
General Manager

Nelson Forests Limited

I engaged the services of Simply Lean Business Solutions to support the introduction of Lean Manufacturing Principles to Kaituna Sawmill, a Nelson Forests owned and operated company. Their on-going site visits and guidance of our ‘Lean Journey’ has resulted in rapid adoption of Lean Principles across business functions. Key to the success of our Lean Journey is the ability of Simply Lean Business Solutions to tune into the individual needs of our company and apply new and refresher training at the appropriate times.

Darrell O’Brien
Nelson Forests Management