Do these figures reflect your business performance?

If these figures resonate with your business, you’re not alone in facing rising costs, limited growth, along with static or declining profits. Standing still won’t improve your situation. Now is the time to take proactive steps to reduce costs and boost your profits. By making strategic adjustments and optimizing your operations, you can turn challenges into opportunities and drive your business towards greater success.

MYOB Business Monitor – April 2024

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Revenue growth in the SME sector has remained largely static over the past 12 months but 33% reporting a fall in Revenue over the past three months.

Over the past 12 months, more than 82% of local SMEs have seen their business overheads increase. Business performance is mixed, but half report that things are harder than they were a year ago and few are finding it easier.

SMEs have struggled to maintain or improve profitability over the last quarter, as high costs and pared-back consumer spending continue to take their toll with 41% reporting a fall in profit in this period.

For those experiencing limited or no growth, or no change in profitability, but continued cost increases, there is a clear signal of another challenging quarter ahead for many businesses.

Take action now and look at how our solutions can help you turn the tide and achieve better performance in this challenging economic climate.


Tailored programmes to bridge the gap between your current state and your desired future goals by providing you with options on how to get there.


A focused trial in one area of your business designed to develop and test a new approach and deliver improved results in that area.


A phased programme introducing a range of topics targeting a wider area of the business to deliver broader results.


A comprehensive Lean Coaching Programme, supported by Callaghan Innovation over a 12-month period, to transform your entire organization.

Education and Training

Training courses and events to help you learn and develop better skills to continuously improve your business.


In today’s fast-paced world, the relentless demands of business often leave little time for personal well-being.

This imbalance can profoundly impact both your own health and that of your team members in addition to your business performance. Striking the right balance between professional commitments and personal life is not just beneficial but essential.

Achieving this may seem daunting amidst a hectic schedule. It requires deliberate effort and effective leadership, but ignoring the need for this is not an option; it stifles growth and impedes overall success.

By working toward the right balance, you create space for family, friends, and self-care, nurturing mental well-being and fostering stronger team dynamics.

A balanced leader is better equipped to navigate challenges and lead their business toward sustained success and a more resilient organizational culture.