4 Jul 2017

Lean Foundation Series: Application Module 3: Structured Problem Solving

Structured Problem Solving


Developing problem solving skills is an essential element in advancing as organisation and reducing costs. Often these skills are missing and problems continue to surface – many repetitively. This is because the actual Root Cause has not been found and therefore the countermeasures or fixes for the problem will only be effective temporarily.

True Root Cause Analysis needs to be undertaken to ensure problems are resolved once and for all. This Structured Problem Solving workshop brings clarity to the actual process of going about problem solving as well as introducing participants to the key analysis tools that help define the Root Cause.

The topics to be covered are:
•  Problem identification.
•  Plan, Do Check Act problem solving process.
•  Analysis tools for data collection and validation.

Outcomes:   In this workshop participants will:
•  Understand how to effectively use the PDCA cycle.
•  Why finding the Root Cause is so important.
•  Understand how to use tools to focus action on the Root Cause.
•  Understand how to validate the effectiveness of the resolution to the problem.

Who should attend:

This workshop is aimed at business owners, managers and supervisors wishing to advance their Lean knowledge.


This workshop is registered under the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme.

Lean Foundation Series

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