Modular Lean Implementation Programmes

Rethinking Lean

We meet many organisations who have begun their Continuous Improvement Programme in earnest only to find the demands this puts on the business, sees the Programme either plateau or slip back despite the efforts of the Team. Organisations need to take stock of where they are on their Journey and begin taking the right steps to re-establish and advance their programme in a manageable way. Our Rethinking Lean Programme gives you the opportunity to revitalise your programme, refresh your team’s understanding and application, recover lost ground, or advance into new territory.

The programme is completely customizable to suit your level of knowledge, understanding and application and is designed to meet your specific needs through three simple steps.

An initial conference call with us defines these needs and collectively we agree on the training and applications that you need to meet your goals and ensure this fits within your budget.

Coaching is undertaken as a mix of Classroom and/or On-Job-Training environments tailored to your organisation and culture. Our Team is highly skilled and experienced with more than 25 years working in Continuous Improvement environments; teaching and implementing in more than 100 organisations from very diverse business sectors.

Step 1: Contact Simply Lean

Call 0800 SENSEI (0800 736734) or fill out our Contact Form  now to set up your initial conference call.

Step 2: Initial Assessment

Online conference call to discuss current status of Lean knowledge and application, and to understand the objectives the client seeks.

Step 3: Module Selection

Module selection is taken from the categories below which then provides the client with a customized Training and Application Development Programme.



Core Application Competencies Leadership Competencies Advanced Application Competencies
  1. Continuous Improvement Philosophy
  2. Value and Waste
  3. Daily Team Meetings
  4. 5S Workplace Arrangement and Housekeeping
  5. Measurement
  6. Visual Controls
  7. Continuous Improvement Process
  8. Value Stream Mapping
  1. Programme Governance
  2. Change Management
  3. Developing Lean Leaders
  4. Leader Standardized Work
  5. Gemba Coaching
  1. Just-in-Time and Kanban
  2. Structured Problem Solving (PDCA)
  3. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  4. Changeover Reduction (SMED)
  5. Load Levelling (Heijunka)
  6. Error Proofing (Jidoka)


Call 0800 SENSEI (0800 736734) or fill out our Contact Form  now to set up your initial conference call. 


This programme is approved under the Capability Development Voucher Scheme so contact us now and arrange your conference call.

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Approach for Companies New to Lean Thinking

Targeted training and application of small steps to embed skills and develop Lean Practices with each step. Company-wide results take longer to achieve but local process results are realised quickly.

The Modular Lean Implementation programme encompasses:

  • Customized step programme to meet your needs.
  • Targeted educational components to meet needs via a modular approach to the Programme.
  • Appropriate mentoring for the team so they grow their knowledge and understanding.
  • Measurement to ensure you are tracking toward your goals.

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