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Jun 27th 2016

Improving productivity

What is the best way to do the tasks in your to-do list: finish the easy tasks first or take the most important tasks first? Charles Duhigg in his book Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business, writes that according to a psychologist that he interviewed genuine productivity grows from starting a to-do list with larger goals and then splitting them up into bite-sized “smart” goals. … Read more “Improving productivity”

Jun 20th 2016

Conflict management

The word conflict commonly brings negative emotions. It is true that many team and organisational conflicts are dysfunctional and sap resources.  However, it is a mistake to think that conflicts are inherently unhealthy! To find more why, listen to this Ted talk called Dare to Disagree by Margaret Heffernan.… Read more “Conflict management”

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