Blog Articles for March 2016

Mar 28th 2016

Lean Vs Taylorism

Wikipedia defines Taylorism and Lean as follows. Scientific Management, also called Taylorism, is a theory of management that analyses and synthesizes workflows. Its main objective is improving economic efficiency, especially labour productivity. Lean thinking is a business methodology that aims to provide a new way to think about how to organize human activities to deliver more benefits to society and value to individuals while eliminating waste.… Read more “Lean Vs Taylorism”

Mar 21st 2016
Mar 14th 2016
Mar 7th 2016

Agile Business

Agile focusses on rapid response to situations where customer needs are ever changing and order cycle is short. The enabling factors to become an agile manufacturer are: modular design, information technology, corporate partners and knowledge culture. Agile manufacturing is seen as the next step to lean.… Read more “Agile Business”